Dashboard Development is Dead… What Does the Future Look Like?

In the early 2003 when I started down the path designing interactive visualizations and analysis applications, there was very little in the form of knowledge and technology. Today, there is more choice than ever in technology for creating data visualization, and a ton of supporting knowledge to help you get it right.

In the last 3 years I have seen the demand for dashboard development specialists contract as a new generation of BI tools and Dashboards take center stage in the enterprise.

Why Dashboard Development is Dying:

1. Business users do not want to wait months for information during expensive and lengthy development cycles.

2. Dashboard results requiring lots of scripting and coding take a long time to update and require a formal development process for change management which moves dramatically slower than business priorities.

3. Businesses want more control over creation and management of dashboards after failed dashboard development initiatives.

What the Future Looks Like

The future of Dashboards is split down 3 roads:

Dashboard Design

Embedded Analytics

App Development

#1 Limiting Factor

Data is the number one limiting factor for dashboards. Availability and quality are the two reasons that dashboard projects take so long. For Business Intelligence platform like BusinessObjects, even with availability of data, you then have the semantic layer creation which i

Embedded Applications

If your business application or BI platform does not have built-in dashboards today, it will soon. Analyitcs used to be a specialized skillset and technology stack, and BI vendors charged a lot of money for the ability to load data from a warehourse and visualize it. That capability is now comoditized and even inexpecnsive in the open marketpa

Is there a place for development? I 100% believe there is still a huge opportunity for custom developed analytics apps, though it is very easy for someone to add analytics specialist to their resume with the pleathora of information available to train and learn how to botc

The term dashboard today


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