Decline of Google’s Enterprise Allure and Why Consumerization Alone is Not a Winning Strategy

Over the last 5 years, I have been deeply involved in using Google Maps as an enterprise API to deliver analytics to hundreds of customers and tens of thousands of users. As someone who’s career has been focused on Enterprise software, I have come to understand the challenges and opportunities in enterprise software.

Needless to say the industry has changed significantly in the last 6 years, but I have noticed that while consumeration of IT has dramatically changed the way we look at delivering Business Intelligence and analytics, I have noticed a trend specific to Google.

Why Enterprises Gravitate toward Enterprise Software Companies

Choosing an enterprise software vendor today is a tricky proposition, especially in the Business Intellgience market. Today, purchasing software is not an IT owned activity for many organizations, so purchasing behavior and evaluation


as much about the utility acquired for the business to help impact the bottom line one way or another. You are either using software to save time or resources, or contribute to revenue generation. At the same time, a purchasing decision is as much about absorption of risk as it is the utility.

Choosing to use software from Google or any consumer-focused technology company introduces higher risk than traditional enterprise companies.


What I have noticed working with Google technology in the enterprise over the years is that Google applies the same fail-fast approach to enterprise software which is a great strength, and a huge weakness.


The Tides are Changing


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