My Spring-Summer tour at SAPPHIRE, Alteryx, and ESRI Conferences

This year, I was fortunate to attend multiple conferences and experience vastly different customers, perspectives and approaches to “Analytics”.

SAP SAPPHIRE is always a great event for me to catch up with some customers, partners, and SAP. This year, they completely re-organized the SAP campuses with a focus on Line of Business, Industries, and Platforms. Sitting through some of the keynotes, there wasn’t anything ground breaking announced and while Fiori (SAP’s modern user experience) was announced to customers without any additional charge, it is likely because customers were not paying for it.

Alteryx annual conference was in my home town of San Diego, and after sitting through the product keynote delivered by George Matthew, the “Analyst” tools for blending and processing lots of data into meaningful output



What did I realize after numerous discussions with customers and partners at these conferences? The classic SAP BusinessObjects products and ecosystem was in-large absent.


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