+ = Support Nightmare for SMBs

Over the 10 years I have come to love because of its fast moving, innovative approach to CRM and its widely expanding capabilities. However, that innovation pace slowed significantly as focuses its energies becoming a platform company.

Luckily, my organization has benefitted from this shift as we extended to be much more than just a CRM. Today salesforce powers our license management, registration, support, and other sales / support related tasks.

Why did we choose was a rocket ship and with cloud being the future we figured it made sense to get on board. Looking at earlier versions of MSFT and SAP cloud offerings seemed archaic. Now, 7 years later we look at as a customer engagement and support platform and feel like we are behind the curve simply by using

Customer Facing Experience is Expensive and Weak out of the Box

We have been using Customer Portal for 5 years and did so just because it was all that we could deploy without a significant effort. It has become a mountain of custom APEX code and HTML and for all of that effort still provides a sub par customer experience.

Customer engagement is siloed  and

ven worse is case creation and management which is beyond dated. We drank the coolaid using hte Salesforce service cloud and realized, Service cloud provides better tools for a massive enterprise

Where support stops

Finding Knowledge is Difficult


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