Where is the Roambi love?

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I have received a few emails over the last few months asking about Roambi and why I no longer write about the technology…

Other than Salesforce.com dashboards on my iPad, Roambi is the only mobile reporting / visualization technology that I have successfully used for running Centigon Solutions while on the go. Roambi from my perspective is a new generation of mobile information consumption. I think it is often called mobile dashboards, or mobile reports, or mobile data exploration which are all existing desktop solutions. I think spending the last nine months in the trenches designing GMaps Mobile has changed my perspective as I think through the challenges that mobile workers face, and the requirements for what mobile software should do.  Like any software product, technologists and end users will always want “more” which is why I still think the best way to approach business intelligence is having multiple tools for multiple purposes.

I will shortly be sharing this thought transformation process that I have gone through, in a whitepaper that I have been formulating over the last few months. I will initially post it here.

From day one, I have always been a supporter of Roambi, to the extent where I wrote some of the original best practices documents now hosted on their site, and also run a Roambi group on LinkedIn. With such a heavy emphasis on Xcelsius I have expanded to Location Intelligence and now Mobility, which you will see a lot of in 2012.

So in short, I am still 100% a supporter of the Roambi technology.


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