Why enterprise app stores are more for marketing than value

The enterprise app store at a surface is a great tool for large software giants like SAP and Salesforce.com, who often tout the number and volume of solutions. It is an appealing concept for the mega-vendor, customers who get a one stop shop for extensions, and ISVs who build and sell the solutions.

I have discovered as a customer and creator of extensions that these app stores are majorly lacking.

Lets start with my customer experience as a Salesforce.com customer:

This week, I discovered┬áthat Salesforce.com systematically limits how many Tabs you can have which is required by each app you install. The enterprise edition of Salesforce.com grants 25 total tabs, which is a secret they don’t share on your sales call. To give you an idea, the Amazon cloud connect kit eats up 7 of those tabs alone. As a custoemr, rather than aggressively testing and introducing third party of extensions, I have to carefully evaluate that a third party extension is a “critical” solution for my team rather than a nice to have. As such we have pulled money off the table for other third party vendors because we can’t eat up our tabs.

Alternatively we could double our monthly Salesforce.com to unlimited edition just to have an ability to use more third party apps.

The second App store I get to work with is the SAP Store:

As an ISV, there is an allure to be inside of an official App store, assuming that customers utilize that app store. Unfortunately for SAP Store, the ability to locate and engage third party providers is highly limited. We consider the SAP Store a black hole for partners, as SAP Solutions take preference. Customers need to know exactly what they are looking for, rather than browsing and exploring new, interesting extensions for which they have investments in.

The app store should be a great tool for software vendors and ISVs to both thrive


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