Drawing Indirect Correlations through Design

By February 19, 2007Other

This week I wanted to show an interesting application of graphic design outside of traditional “dashboards”. Because tools like Xcelsius have made it possible for anyone to create and deploy dashboards, there is a lack of emphasis on what is considered good design. I will focus more on design practices in future articles, but for now I wanted to share an interesting piece created by a good friend of mine, Jeff Domke. Perhaps I am drawn to it because of its off-beat nature…

This was an exercise where Jeff took two metrics (nuclear bomb detonation and the female orgasm) with multiple un-like measures and plotted them using a common time scale. Though this graphical representation, we can actually draw multiple indirect correlations through perceived similarities. Though this representation is not business related, you could imagine what type of analysis you could complete if you had tools to assist you drawing intuitive direct-correlations between multiple metrics. I am not sure we are there yet with available tools, but I think we are headed in the right direction. I do have to point out though that is a creative design exercise, so don’t read into this too deeply. I just wanted to share something that I found interesting and witty.

Jeff Domke is an extremely talented graphic designer and currently applies his expertise in brand development and design for one of the top brand consulting firms in the world.

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On the morning of August 5 1945, “Little Boy,” a 12.5-kiloton nuclear bomb, was released over the city of Hiroshima Japan. It is estimated that 140,000 people died by the end of the year. The dynamics of this explosion are compared to the human sexual response; based on the definitive work of Masters and Johnson during the 1960’s. In comparing these contrasting events, one can see a relationship between mankind’s most fundamental act of creating life, and its most powerful means to create destruction and death.

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