This posting will remain an up to date complete list of dedicated Xcelsius sites. If you want to be added to the list please email me.

Xcelsius and BOBJ Sites Related Web Sites and Blogs:
This is a fast growing Xcelsius site that has excellent information from trusted Xcelsius gurus. This blog features lots of news related to the Xcelsius user community and third party offerings.
Another one of the best Xcelsius sites on the web that features great tutorials, technical topics, and industry news.

BI Questions by Timo Elliott
A very well written blog featuring insightful analysis of industry and technology trends for all BOBJ technology including Xcelsius.

David Lai’s BI Blog
I have personally worked with David and he has incredible experience and skill with Xcelsius and Business Objects. There is a ton of valuable information related to enterprise BI.

David Taylor’s Business Intelligence Blog
Great information about BI, Business Objects and Xcelsius integration.

Femke Xcelsius Blog
This is a great site from Femke who is a long time Xcelsius developer back to the Infommersion days. With great tips and tricks it should be on your list for learning advanced Xcelsius.

Data Pig Technologies
Tutorials from the author of Xcelsius for Dummies. Michael Alexander also started a new blog that has great stuff.

Dashboard Spy
Great examples of dashboards built with multiple technologies including Xcelsius. This site is great for getting a pulse on what is possible with the available technologies in the marketplace.

Xcelsius Best
Great tutorials for creating rich analysis using the Excel based logic

Jim Bytes- Doing I.T in Dublin!
 This is a great site with interesting information and some original Xcelsius work that is well done. Always interesting information right up my alley on here.

Crystal Xcelsius Dashboarding Newer Xcelsius Blog with great Xcelsius samples and information

Unofficial BOBJ Forum- Xcelsius
Great forum with a lot of traffic from Business Objects customers

Peter Vatistas
A good friend of mine, Peter Vatistas, has a great blog with lots of cool IT related news and tricks.

Third Party 2257 Software
Helios Data Systems inc. is a provider of high quality, technology-based solutions and business services specializing in third-party data storage, identity protection and federal regulatory compliance.

Jeff Domke
Jeff is the most brilliant designers I know. His blog shows his design work, published articles, and travels.


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