Here is a scenario that many people have…. You have a connected model and the web service returns tabular data, but Xcelsius does not have the ability to lookup multiple rows of data with their selectors. Unfortunately, with Xcelsius 4.5 you have to rely on some Excel skills to assemble a layer of logic that will scale. The good news is I have put together a lightweight solution with the available supported Excel functions for Xcelsius. The bad news is that is painful to explain…

***Since I originally wrote this article, Xcelsius 2008 has now streamlined this cumbersome workaround using the insert filtered rows option. You can read more abot this here:
I did my best to point out the key components to make this model work. Your best bet is to download the Excel file and beat it up and look at the comments within the bold titles. I didn’t feel that it was extremely important to build an Xcelsius model for this one, but if it would help, shoot me an email and I can put something up. Click here to download the Excel source file

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