In the past month, I have spent time organizing my thoughts and have pulled together my own 5 Xcelsius Dashboard Design principles. Based on traditional design and information design principles, I have pulled together 5 relivant elements associated with design and described their applicability for Xcelsius Dashboard Design. For the next month, I will address each principle, 1 at a time in detail.

1. Placement– The arrangement of individual components on a page for a reason (order of magnatude, contrast ect); not to fill will white space.
2. Proximity– The grouping, alignment, and/or orientation of components on a page to generate visual connections.
3. Contrast– The utilization of size, color, and motion (to name a few) to differentiate or draw attention to elements on a page.
4. Text– The injection of text as a means display quantitative and quantitative information, and to drive action.
5. Consistency-The application of common interface controls, performance indicators, and graphics, to provide a perceived ease of use and familiarity.

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