Xcelsius CEWebServiceURL and Life Cycle Management

The final part on my dissection of the Xcelsius <OBJECT> is a variable called CEWebServiceURL. This Flash Variable is used specifically with the Live Office component and overwrites the “Live Office Web Services URL.”
Regardless of what you enter inside the input box shown above, when the SWF is loaded inside of Infoview, the Live Office connector component will dynamically consume a webservice URL originating from the CEWebServiceURL flash variable. In this case, you do not need to do any configuration of Flash Variables for this to work, similar to CELogonToken.

What does this mean for Life Cycle Management?
For quite some time, I have heard Xcelsius users complain about the inability to bind the Live Office component URL, and how that makes life difficult for migrating Xcelsius objects between BOE repositories. The good news, is with the CEWebServiceURL, the bindable URL is no longer needed. *Note, that this option is only available with BOE XIR2 SP2 and up.

What about QaaWS?
The bad news is a Web Service connector is not configured by Xcelsius to consume the CEWebServiceURL. The good news, is that since the URL for this component is bindable, you can easily leverage the CEWebServiceURL to provide the system name. I have mocked up a simple Excel sheet that evaluates the CEWebServiceURL, then matches it to the correct system name. For those of you not using SP2, you could just as easily use the CELogonToken, since it also contains the server name. All you need to do is declare and bind the Flash Variable inside of Xcelsius then use similar logic that you can download here.

Another Option for QaaWS
If you always plan on using your Xcelsius dashboard inside of BOE, you can drop the system name and port number from the URL. This will work, assuming you don’t use a reverse proxy or some non-standard application server configuration. I have used this method many times since it alleviates the need for any fancy logic or consumption of Flash Variables.

I hope that this 3 part series has helped you in gaining better understanding of how Xcelsius generated SWFs leverage basic Flash variables and BOE.

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