Build a scorecard using new Xcelsius 2008 features

This week, I combined some new Xcelsius 2008 features to build a cool example that would have been impossible in Xcelsius 4.5. This example was assembled with NO Excel logic required, showing off the power behind some of the new Xcelsius 2008 features.

1. Panel-Set for scrollable content
2. Selector Alerts in a label based menu to create scalable icons
3. Insert filtered range in the label based menu to select multiple records
4. Chart with Dual axis enabled

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The first item I wanted on the screen is a scrollable scorecard that will allow me to scale content easily. To accomplish this, I leveraged the new Panel Container component. Once you drag this component to the canvas, you can insert other components inside the secondary panel’s canvas.

The second item is a label based menu that is situated in the upper left most corner of the panel container component. With Xcelsius 2008, we have alerts for selectors, so I am using this feature coupled with ignore end blanks to create a scalable list of icons without having to manually drag and drop a bunch of icon components. For selector alerts, you define a value for each label, then define alert targets, the same way you do for chart alerts.

The next feature is one of my favorites: Insert Filtered Range, which replaces a need for lots of Excel logic to select a range of data. In the previous version of Xcelsius, the selector insert options restricted you to 1 row at a time. Xcelsius 2008 has a brand new insert option that inserts a filtered range of data. In my example, making a selection will display multiple opportunities. The nice thing about insert filtered rows, is the data does not need to be in ascending order. I strongly recommend that you reverse engineer my example or try this feature out for yourself.

The final feature that I utilized in this example is the dual axis chart feature. With Xcelsius 2008, you can apply a second Y axis with ease compared to the complicated chart layering technique/workaround we used with Xcelsius 4.5. In my example I am plotting a lead count vs probability that the opportunities will close.

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