2008 Year in Review

By December 25, 2008Other

With 2008 coming to an end, I wanted to reflect on what has happened this year as I look forward to 2009…

Customer Education– The first and most exciting trend that I have seen is the education and comfort that businesses have acquired for dashboards. Regardless of technology, enterprise customers generally understand how they can benefit from using dashboards as an entry point into business information. In previous years, I spent a lot of time educating and setting expectations for what a dashboard should do. These days, a lot of customers have come to understand the potential capabilities of dashboard technologies like Xcelsius.

New Technology– Most of the major BI software vendors have adopted some form of Adobe Flex UI into their product suites. The rich user experience and visualization that this technology provides to end users is unmatched. Xcelsius 2008 uses Adobe Flex to provide a new platform for the same Xcelsius development paradigm we have come to know over the last 5 years. The 2008 release didn’t provide many new components, but did improve several shortcomings from previous versions, and is a great foundation for new integrations and extended capabilities in the future.

Xcelsius SDK– The availability of the SDK with Xcelsius 2008 was a huge step forward for the product, and critical for the success of Xcelsius in the future. Centigon Solutions and Antivia to name a few, have taken the lead to release to market add-in components for Xcelsius.

Moving forward– As we get ready for 2009, the global economic issues will certainly impact how we do all do business. At the end of the day, technology like Xcelsius is intended to make business information quicker and easier to access. I am committed to continue using Xcelsius as a dashboard development tool as long as it continues to grow with the demands of the marketplace. We are working on new products that improve the speed and simplicity for deploying robust dashboards with Xcelsius as we begin 2009. I appreciate the kind emails I have received this year and look forward to continuing this blog in 2009.

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