Re-arrange Tabs within a Tab Set Component

Here is a simple trick for re-arranging tabs within an Xcelsius Tab Set component. The issue is once you add tabs, there is not a built in component property to chage tab order. However, if you open the object browser window, you can see that the tabs are organized in as sub-groups.


Changing the order of these groups will affect the tab ording in the component. With a canvas selected, you can hit the “-” or “+” key on your keyboard to move the tab forward or backward. Otherwise you can leverage the built in down and up arrows within the object browser. I advise aganist clicking and dragging the canvas within the object browser, since it can break the component if you drag it incorrectly.


I heavily advise that you name the canvases to match the tab names to avoid confusion. Hopefully this will help you avoid re-building your container component just to modify tab order.


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