Recent quote in the Wallstreet Journal for RoamBi

Last week, I was quoted in a Wall Street Journal article, For Business Owners, iPhone Apps Abound, about my experience using RoamBi for the iPhone. In short, I lived out an experience that every business owner has dreamed of… Conducting business while sitting on a remote beach without a computer.

Last month I went to the Bahamas to relax and re-energize in preparation for the second half of the year. This was my first vacation equipped with an iPhone and RoamBi, which ended up helping me finalize an opportunity for Centigon Solutions. This led to the following quote in the wallstreet journal:

“…RoamBi Visualizer, a free app from MeLLmo Inc., turns data in Excel spreadsheets (as well as, SAP and others) into slick interactive graphics that make analyzing business opportunities and sales trends easy.

Ryan Goodman, founder of Centigon Solutions Inc., a small San Diego software firm, earlier this month fired up RoamBi to view product, licensing and pricing data to help the company’s sales director close a deal, all while sitting on a Bahamas beach. “I returned from vacation without opening my laptop once,” Mr. Goodman says…”

Laptops and mobile phones have existed for my entire professional career, so I don’t understand the concept of being disconnected. By practicing what I preach on my blog, I use the same tools to run my business. While I was on vacation, I used my mobile device enabled with RoamBi to keep tabs on what was going on without immersing myself in work. At the end of the day, technologies like RoamBi are going to help us react and seek opportunities without being tethered to a computer. For those of us who take advantage, mobile technologies will facilitate a better balance between our professional and personal lives because the “workplace” can be anywhere!

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