Troubleshoot Live Office 26306 error

This week I was working with Live Office on XI3.1 and was racking my brain over a 26306 error when running the SWF: ” Failed to fetch data provider data. (LO 26306)”

After a quick Google search I recalled that this error is common when you have a Live Office query with a report prompt that is not identified. Here are a few tips to make sure you don’t pull your hair out as you troubleshooting and fix your Live Office/Xcelsius issue.

1. Make sure you refresh your report inside of Live Office before trying to identify and bind your prompts. This will ensure that you not only have the latest report data, but also that you are not looking at cached report data. If your WebI report itself is not setup to refresh on load, Live Office will used the cached data which will cause the LO 26306 SWF runtime error.

2. If you get the error and have to go back and define your prompts, either by hard-coding or binding them to cells, remember to DELETE AND RE-IMPORT YOUR LIVE OFFICE CONNECTIONS IN THE DATA MANAGER!. When you make changes to your Live Office connection inside of the nested Excel instance, the data manager wont detect and apply changes to your Live Office configuration. Simply deleting and re-adding your Live Office connections in the data manager will solve the problem if you modify the Live Office objects or prompts.

Keep these two guidelines in mind for as you build Live Office enabled dashboards and you can keep your sanity.

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