Next Generation Dashboards at the 2009 BusinessObjects User Conference

This week at the BusinessObjects user conference, I presented “Next Generation Dashboards with Xcelsius.” This is a subject that is important to me as I evaluate all of the requests that come from my customers and readers. Having the history and understanding of the technology and being a power user myself puts me in a unique position to point out the areas of improvement that are critical to the future success of Xcelsius.

I have uploaded my presentation and an outline of the various solutions demonstrated on state here: Centigon Solutions BOBBJ conference page.

There were several underlying themes that you may not get from the slide deck:
1. The first is how third party vendors are serving as innovation factories now critical to the future success if Xcelsius. While showing off several vendor offerings like Centigon Solutions’ GMaps Plugin, Inovista’s Charts, Antivia’s XWIS, David Moss Solutions suite, and Roambi by meLLmo customers seemed to understand how relevant these solutions are to building much better dashboards.
2. Today, there is a growing ecosystem of customers, vendors, developers, authors, and enthusiasts who have all adopted and promoted the Xcelsius technology. While this community is thriving outside of SAP BusinessObjects sponsored communities, we need to harness our reach to help push each other and BusinessObjects in the right direction. The four recommendations were:

  • Customers who have invested in Xcelsius need to post and report bugs and enhancement requests.
  • Xcelsius developers should definitely engage third party vendors and expose new functionality to end users not possible out of the box.
  • Everyone should continue to participate in the community, specifically the Xcelsius gurus’ network
  • Customers and vendors both should continue to innovate new ideas and share them with the community

3. Though I did not show any examples, I had permission to share some of the exciting new features that Xcelsius is getting with the new service pack due shortly. It seems that BusinessObjects is finally ramping up on delivering new functionality that we have been long asking for. The question is if they will keep this up as we charge into 2010… I will be exited to write about all of these new features when they are made available.

I look forward to next year when we can share all of the customer success stories who use the new technology showcased at the BOBJ Conference.


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