Since Xcelsius version 3.0 I have tirelessly explained to customers how to manipulate a toggle button to achieve push button functionality. I am happy to say that those days have finally come to an end!

With Xcelsius 2008 SP3, they have introduced a push button component. For a new user who just needs a pushbutton or gurus who have long used icons for transparent hotspots, this is a long awaited addition. In addition to simplifying pushbutton capabilities, this component will allow you to push an entire data range into a destination with the click of a button.

If you ever used transparent icons as hotspots, this will be the new component for achieving the same functionality with less work. In the example below, I saved myself

As you can see in the example, I have shown all 3 examples. The first button pushes a single value into the yellow destination. The second button has a range as the source data and destination. Finally the third image has a transparent pushbutton overlaid. The other nice thing about this component is it will NOT insert on load, so if you have multiple push buttons that insert into the same destination, you no longer have to play with the order in the object browser to get the right result.

Download Source Files
I included the Xcelsius help SWF inside of the dashboard so you can see for yourself how this component is configured. This component should have gone into my top 10, since I have already used it several times with lots of success. Thank you Xcelsius development team for making my life easier and giving me new out of the box functionality to write about!


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