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It has been an incredibly busy year for me as you can tell by the lack of recent posts which deeply upsets me. My goal for 2010 is to spend 5 hours a week on my blog since it is something I truly enjoy.
Professionally Centigon Solutions’ solid growth from 2008 came to a grinding halt with the economy early in the year.

I took on some challenging services projects over the year to ensure the sustainability and growth of the company and in the process stretched Xcelsius further than I could have ever imagined. Anything from a real-time GPS and GMaps Plugin powered dashboard, to Xcelsius-based rich internet applications, to sales forecasting tools with write-back capabilities were challenges that customers had for me to figure out. With an amazing team we knocked all of the projects out of the park while sparking new ideas for products. Now we have a full roadmap for 2010 and lots of innovative creations that should be in the marketplace early in early 2010.

Thankfully, I made it through the year relatively unscathed with lots of new ideas both inside and outside of the Xcelsius space that I look forward to sharing next year through the blog.

The other technology that I took on as a new personal project that should hopefully take shape in my professional life is Roambi. In spending some time early on with the product, I had created a small blog site (mobiledatavisualization.com) about my experiences which I intend to pick up again with bi-weekly posts. The smart-phones revolution has been incredible thus far, and there is tremendous opportunity there that I will also continue to explore.

For those of you who have followed my blog regularly, I truly appreciate your readership and comments and I look forward to an exciting 2010!


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