Apple vs Adobe Flash, HTML5, and what it means to Xcelsius

I have received several inquiries with regard to the Apple vs Adobe Flash player face off. The concerns over Flash player and HTML 5 are valid for the web, but not for Xcelsius or any Flash/Flex based application run on the desktop today. The reality is that few if any businesses operate on Macs, including Apple. It is very early to start writing off Flash as a development platform because Mac devices are not optimized to run Flash player efficiently. The beauty of Flash technology is that rendered content is resolution, browser, and OS independent. In other words, Flash content that I create will always look and function the same no matter what machine I run it on. This creates a challenge for the Adobe engineering to port their Flash player into these diverse environments, and it seems support for the Mac and mobile is a black eye for Adobe right now.

Here is a great article that provides some performance testing numbers. Hopefully this helps clear up some of the concerns for now:


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