The Future of Flash in the BI Space Article Review

This morning I read a great article from Evan DeLodder, whom I work with at Centigon Solutions, about his take on the future of Flash and BI: “The Future of Flash in the BI Space.” I have previously posted about the topic on my blog, and since have had discussions with other industry experts and the consensus seems to be in favor with Evan when it comes to interactive visualization for the enterprise. For web banner advertising, video distribution, and rich vector graphics for web design, I would say the future is absolutely HTML5 but we not there quite yet.

Flash and MS Silverlight will continue to thrive for a long time as long as the innovation and rapid advancement of these technologies continue, specifically in the mobile space. Not too long ago, we said anything that can be digital will be. The same goes for mobile technology..

Here is a quote from Evan with regard to Flah technology for enterprise applications:

“This advantage ultimately means a faster time to market/delivery, lower development costs (because so much is already baked in and easily extensible), much more flexibility and feature-rich applications that can continuously evolve in shorter cycles with much less effort.”

To read the entire article, visit Evan’s Flexcelsius page at


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