Reportapalooza- Last day to vote on the first round of dashboards

Monster sightings, coffee consumption, sports statistics, and internet usage, instrument buying habits…. These are the subjects for the first wave of submissions from SAP’s Reportapalooza.

This event squares off some of our technology / community thought leaders for Crystal Reports and Xcelsius through a series of challenges. The first challenge was a dashboard bake-off, where experts were given a short period of time to transform a fun subject matter into an interesting dashboard dashboard. The emphasis is clearly on cool factor as all contestants provided their design flare and Xcelsius wizardry. I am extremely impressed with how each contestant introduced their subject in a unique visual interface.

One of my favorites is the Coffee Consumption tool created by my colleague Miko Yuk from EverythingXcelsius, uses a basic form approach to collect user information while providing statistical coffee consumption facts. The payoff at the end is a plain text analysis of your coffee drinking habits. Mico also made very good use of GMaps Plugin showing regional and location based analysis.
Coffee Consumption Dashboard

Another cool idea is a monster sightings dashboard by Jamie Oswald where you can tweet submissions and then view your tweet inside of GMaps Plugin.
Moster Sightings

Jim Brogden also leveraged GMaps Plugin to display community bands using addresses across the United States. There is a log of interesting statistical factoids in here worth digging into.

I absolutely love what all of the designers implemented as each dashboard provides unique information illustrating how flexible Xcelsius is from a design standpoint. I apologize for not covering them all in detail, but I highly recommend that you check all of the dashboards out to get great ideas for your dashboard projects.

I like that we have something that is fun to look at with Reportapalooza and look forward to reporting on the next challenge!

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