A new SAP BusinessObjects Dashboards version with many names

“The latest version of SAP BusinessObjects Dashboards Design / Xcelsius that comes with SAP BusinessObjects 4 release.”

This is how I now describe the latest version of the product previously known as Xcelsius, now known as SAP BusinessObjects Dashboards or SAP Crystal Dashboard Design 2011 depending who I am talking to..

Other names or surnames I am hearing in the field?
none of the following names are official 

  • BI 4 Dashboards
  • SBOD 4
  • Xcelsius or SAP BusinessObjects Dashboards version 6 (the actual product version number)
  • SAP BusinessObjects Dashboards 2011
  • Xcelsius 2011

As a community member, it can be frustrating because it causes confusion for new customers who are looking for information. As an independant software vendor it is even more frustrating because customers can’t figure out what versions we support.

So what do we do?

SAP is trying to create consistency for product names and versions. It is good to pull the band-aid now to ensure moving forward we are all on the same page.. For now it will be somewhat chaotic as legacy enterprise and channel customers research and upgrade to new versions.

All I can suggest is you be aware that the version of SAP BusinessObjects Dashboards or Crystal Dashboard Design that you are talking about could be referred as any of the terms above; All of which mean the same thing… I wont start in on “editions” which is covered in detail at hackingsap.com.

What other ways are you hearing people refer to the latest


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