I have a cool iOS app… Now how do I share it?

An interesting problem presented itself today that I had never thought of…

I want to give a webinar presentation when I hit the road later this week would love to leave my laptop at home… How do I give a webinar with my iPad? Adobe Connect and GotoWebinar only allow viewing of web presentations not sharing. A “workaround” like RDP is not something that scares me when it comes to delivering a web meeting with a client who would potentially be spending money on products. So for now, my laptop continues to travel with me.

Now I have a BIGGER problem.. With a new mobile application on its way, GMaps Mobile, I want to share it with customers via web conference. I have scoured the web and it appears I only have a few options.

  1. Use the iPad and Android emulators. First, my primary machine is a PC which does not have a iOS emulator. Then you have the multi-touch experience which is clumsy in an emulator for demos.
  2. Purchase wires and hardware to transfer digital signals from iPad and Andoid tablets back into my computer. Now my cool sleek tablet will look like Frankenstein!

If anyone has the magic bullet to help me out, I would appreciate it. Otherwise, I will report back what configuration I used so you too can share your iPad/Android Apps. If there isn’t a simple solution floating around today, I have to assume that Adobe, Citrix, and Cisco are all working on this problem.


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