Over the last few years, I have noticed that many technology news writers and bloggers lack original thought, and in some case perpetuate incorrect information. A strong statement, but one that I strongly believe.

One of the stories that hit the wire today was about a new tool called Adobe Edge which is a basic development tool that transforms basic shapes and images into animated graphics. I will cover this technology in more detail below. What concerned me was an article linked from Google News to PC Magazine online. What I thought was a credible outlet, turned to be an article with good intent but bad information. READ THE ARTICLE


Social media provided the mechanism for readers to comment and put the writer in his place. Thankfully other technologists who really do understand the software made proper corrections; otherwise I would have chimed in. However, there are other instances like this, where I have attempted to correct an author only to be edited out.


People are influenced, and in some cases make decisions from bad information and hype. In the enterprise this is increasingly important as lines of business other than IT now control technology spending budgets.

As a blogger, consumer of technology, and business owner I only write about things I have tested and used myself (which includes my own products). What bothers me is when other writers try to influence when they have not taken the time to download and use it. So with that theme, I invite you to do the following if you want to forge your own opinion about this new Adobe tool:

1. Go to the Adobe website and download Adobe Edge 
2. Open it up and watch the hello world video
3. Give it a shot and try exporting you own project
4. Start planning your migration away from Flash powered solutions

For my Xcelsius readership, step 4 will seem impossible. This is because the frameworks, development tools, and support for HTML5/Javascript/CSS3 are not far along enough to replace web applications like Xcelsius no matter how much we want this to be so.

My thought is that you can absolutely have an opinion about technology and trends, but make sure you can back that opinion up. The top tech bloggers and experts on the web gain a following because the exhibit and share knowledge from their own experiences that are proven over time. This is why I exhibit a level of caution about any new technology until I can see and test it myself…

Hopefully for those of you who check back in regularly have come to expect this credibility (but sometimes lack of attention to spelling and grammar) when you come to my blog 🙂

Let me know what you think!


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