My Xcelsius Enhancement Wish List

I have long waited for some basic Xcelsius enhancements to produce more useful dashboard applications. Understanding that Xcelsius enhancements to existing components is limited, I wanted to pick out a few that I believe are low hanging fruit to make a large volume of developers a little happier.

Will these enhancements help SAP sell more software? absolutely not..

Will it help new customers who are left to execute after they purchase? YES!

These are very minor tweaks that would alter how people build Xcelsius dashboards for the better. I chose these as my top 3 because they are super simple, and do not make sense as third party solutions.

  1. Enable the “selected item” property for all table components (spreadsheet, scorecard, and table view). If I could get one pick, scorecard would be at the top of the list. If I have to tell one more customer that you can’t dynamically chose an item from a table… I may start pulling my hair out!  I would say that 60% of the dashboards I have built could benefit from this.
  2. Bullet charts labels- Bullet charts are great for demos but useless in production. “Performance Value” “Comparative” and “Scale Value” are tooltips that you are stuck with, and the reality is that few if any customers find these usable. The solution? Let me change it in the property sheet.
  3. Provide a “Selected Tab” property so we can start making use of the tabbed container. This is a great component, but most dashboard developers need to know what tab a user is interfacing with.

Some other areas that could use some TLC, but could require some more work for the Xcelsius dev team..

  • Bindable “Selected Item” property is needed within charts.
  • Multi-Selection feature for List View, Combo box, Table components
  • Advanced tool tips for all charts- All of the charts lack an ability
  • Direct Binding for Alerts for SAP BusinessObjects Dashboards for BI4- We can auto-bind values and selectors, but not in alerts.

What do you guys think?

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