How will you work smarter in 2012?

This year I wanted to maximize my time and work smarter, so I can invest my time on more important tasks.. like blogging! As a technologist, I am a firm believer that anything that can be digitalized, should be. Anyone who works with me knows that I am constantly trying to figure out ways to automate and simplify redundant tasks.

A few weeks ago, I added a couple of new products to increase our productivity:

1.  Shoeboxed– Hours of organizing receipts are gone for ever. When I get a email receipt, I simply forward it to my address or when Kinkos gives me a printed receipt, I take a picture with it using the Shoeboxed App. Everything is digitalized and converted. At any time I can print out a neatly organized PDF with all of my receipt images. In addition, they have an email-to-mail service that will save me a drive to the UPS store… brilliant!

2.– This is a tool that I implemented that I believe Google needs to acquire and add as a standard GMail service. This solution solves the back and forth email chain for scheduling meetings. Now, I simply send one email with a link. My customers/partners pick out a time that woks for them and the meeting is automatically scheduled. If multiple members of my team need to be in a meeting, I have a special URL for that too. Now I can get meetings scheduled quicker with less email clutter.

What technology tools do you use to increase productivity life?


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