If you have been wondering why things have been quiet on my blog, it is because I have been in the trenches with my team grinding out the remaining pieces of GMaps Mobile. This week, we finally loaded up its permanent resting place, GMapsMobile.com along with a short whitepaper I wrote entitled “Enterprise Mobile Apps State of Mind.”

With a most of the hard work out of the way, my team and I now get to build on top of our brand new platform all of mobile location intelligence ideas that were impossible to accomplish within Xcelsius. As a long time Xcelsius evangelist, it has been a liberating process re-programming my brain to think in today’s web standards for design and development. However, I still use Xcelsius one way or another on a weekly basis as Centigon Solutions continuously expands our GMaps Plugin customer base. Given the continued thriving community and Xcelsius success stories, that will not change anytime soon. In fact, immediately after our GMaps Mobile launch we have the next version of GMaps Plugin for SAP Dashboards ready to go, so I am still all-in on continued innovation for Xcelsius.

Now, my time is split where 70% is focused on modern web technologies like HTML5 via our new mobility / cloud offerings. The other 30% is still focused on SAP Dashboards related business, which I am still very passionate about. As we all make this transition together over the next 3-4 years,  you will also see more original content on my blog about my experiences using these new technologies to solve existing and new problems.

It should be an interesting ride!

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