One of the most exciting dashboard learning opportunities of 2012

If you are engaged in the Xcelsius community you may have heard about the launch of BI Dashboard Formula.. It is a live, web-based training program put together by Mico Yuk, owner of EverythingXcelsius community and Benchmarkers.

This is a training series geared toward professionals who are responsible for implementing dashboards within their organization. This is geared toward technical consultants or stakeholders and takes best practices in project management, enterprise application design, web design, and other disciplnes and puts it together in one package. In addition, it includes all of the materials any organization would need to create and deploy dashboards from beginning to end.

Business Intelligence is all about business process and technology coming together and this training focuses on the process you need to take once the rubber meets the road. I will let Mico explain it in this video because she does a much better job than I!

I am also scheduled to deliver a few bonus sessions during the training so it is something that I am very happy to be a part of. Mico brought in sponsors to give  away free product and memberships so take advantage early before all of the goodies are gone!

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