LIVE EVENT: New Trends in Location Intelligence

There is a huge wave forming as we generate more location-based data than ever before. The challenge of extracting meaningful information from the massive volumes of data we create is the perpetual problem that all enterprises face.

Sound familiar? That is how every Business Intelligence article starts… 

Inside of the SAP BusinessObjects ecosystem, I have been fortunate to ride the dashboard and interactive data visualization wave for years. Today, I spend all of my time thinking about new challenges and opportunities to create location-based visualization and analysis.

“Anything that can be connected to the web will be. Anything connected to the web will be location-aware.”

With this in mind, my team at Centigon Solutions is taking steps forward to make Location Intelligence more approachable for enterprises. In two weeks, I will unveil the latest innovations my team has been working on. From new cloud services to indoor analytics, we have a lot of awesome technology and business use cases to showcase.


If you are responsible for planning your future analytics apps or have an interest in location intelligence tools, this is a webinar that you don’t want to miss!


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