2014 Review: Tableau was an Unstoppable Force

It’s that time of year again where I get to sit back and reflect on what I experienced, and get pumped up for the new year ahead! The first thing I do is look back at what I said would occur in Dec 213 which I highlight at the end of this article.

Looking forward to 2015


Tableau is still a runaway train for data visualization and exploration in 2014, and that will continue into 2015. However, there are a lot of really good contenders that give Tableau a run for its money. As a long time ambassador of SAP Dashboards, I think the only exciting work coming out of the BusinessObjects is Lumira, though that excitement for me personally is fairly low for a number of reasons.

I think the Antivia guys have captured it beautifully on this blog post which is reflective in their product DecisionPoint, which is one of the technologies I think could have a breakout year in 2015

Consumer Tech Bubble Growing

Is 2015 the year we see a massive adjustment in valuations? Perhaps it will take Facebook missing its estimates to send fear into the market? Hopefully it wont happen in 2015, but when a hitchhiking app like Uber valuation doubles in less than a year to $40B in midst of it being systematically shut down one country at a time, you have to wonder.


The security breaches will continue, so consumers and enterprises will become even more security conscious… finally! From cyber terrorism, to corporate espionage, privacy and security are two hot topics going into 2015 and will remain so as tensions rise.

Regulating the Cloud

The Internet removed physical boundaries for global communications and commerce. Now that infrastructure is threatened as countries, including the US place heavier regulations on the web and its use for commerce. There are some landmark cases underway, most importantly the big one against Microsoft.  that could literally re-define “the cloud” on a global level.

Breakout year for Centigon Solutions

Late 2014 was a huge turning point for my company with the release of CMaps Analytics Designer. Running a small, profitable software company, I am excited to charge into 2015 with a full head of steam. I can’t wait to see the cool solutions we cook up with CMaps Analytics Designer this year.


UPDATE FROM 2013 End of Year

DEVICES: More enterprises are “mobile ready” going into 2014.

Mobile is no longer an exciting proposition but an assumed feature when talking enterprise software today.

INFRASTRUCTURE: Cloud is still forming

Amazon still reigned supreme for IaaS in 2014. Look for 2015 PaaS offerings to get much better with MSFT, Google, IBM, Oracle, Salesforce, SAP and others fighting hard for marketshare as they expand from their core customers.

BIG DATA: Big Data is a real problem and opportunity, but not for everyone…yet

If you are on Linked-In you probably see 3 Big Data articles a day, so I don’t need to tell you that the hype cycle will continue will into 2015.


1. Customers who use SAP Dashboards without BusinessObjects have been left in the cold.

World is getting colder as SAP still tries to catch up with itself and the rest of the marketplace. Perhaps 2016?

2. More market disruption for SAP BusinessObjects

I nailed this one on the head as more customers shift attention away from BusinessObjects. If you are an SAP customer connecting to SAP data, this really does not apply to you because you are on the SAP crazy train for ever!

3. HTML5-  Is 2014 is here already

HTML5 standard was finalized and browser support improved.. Now we need some way for IE 8 to die quickly!!!

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