Top X (tips, tricks, secrets) to (power word) subject matter

Don’t worry, I promise this title is not another typo…

If your goal is to attract new visitors to your blog or web site and you have something to say, this is sure-fire way to get attention, unless you are experienced writing good headlines.

Top X (tips, tricks, secrets) to (power word) subject matter

Example: Top 3 Location Analytics Uses and Best Practices

Example: Top 3 IT Tips for Choosing Maps for SAP BusinessObjects

Go to Linked-In to see how many articles or links from your network use this formula. Why is this formula so effective? In a social-media driven world we are in perpetual content overload. Most professionals don’t have time to read a written novel.. They want information quickly. The expectation is if your headline uses this formula you have bulleted or numbered lists that are quick and easy to consume.

Hopefully this trick helps you if you are sending an email to your peers inside your corporate network or writing a new blog post.


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