Bring on Self Driving Cars!

Self driving cars are fun to think about because it is a major shift from how the world operates. Regardless of petroleum or alternative fuels, all car companies are on the path to inject driverless features into their vehicles. This article along with 5 others in my news feed today got my imagination going:

Tesla Planning the Biggest Autonomous Leap Yet

People have one of two reactions to driving cars… Fear or excitement. Self driving cars are the future, so if you think of the benefits rather than the mechanics, it is near impossible to not get excited.

Parking will become obsolete

How many times have you avoided going somewhere because parking is difficult? In San Diego where I live, there are areas that I wont eat or shop because parking is such a nightmare. Imagine pulling up to a restaurant getting out of your car and having it park itself? Even better imagine requesting your care to come get you as you finish paying your bill? Most of America is one big sprawling shopping mall, so while self driving cars on public roads will take time, private property is the perfect proving ground.

One day in the future…

Compensated Commute

Globally, many people commute to and from work, which for all intensive purposes is dead time. If you stack up the human hours spent on the road it is mind boggling. That is time lost doing other things… Buying stuff on amazon, watching TV, reading blog posts like this.

Driving will become Old School

If cars become truly driverless, once there is a trust in the system to go completely hands free, your car becomes your personal driver. If you love to drive, this sounds horrible. If you are a terrible driver like myself it is an ultimate luxury.

Could your car be a designated driver?

If hands free, could we ever see new rules for cars transporting patrons to and from a bar? My guess is this would never happen unless we start seeing cars without steering wheels and gas pedals. For now, I rely on Uber!

What other cool benefits can you imagine from driverless cars?


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