What are Your Dashboard Plans for 2015?


As you reflect on 2014 dashboard project successes or challenges, how will you proceed forward in 2015?

With so much excitement around visualization, the burning question is what tools are you using now, how happy are you, and what shiny new dashboard solution you will use in 2015 and beyond?

What Dashboard tools do you love to use?

With over 5,000 unique visits since releasing this survey we want to know what dashboard tools do you love to use, and which ones are on the end of their run? Your participation counts so please take 1 min to fill this out. I truly appreciate it 🙂

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What you get for Participating this Year?

Get the raw data to build your own analysis!

Only those who submit with a valid address will get access to download the raw data so you can build your own visualizations. I will send a link directly to everyone who fills out the survey so you can get the raw, anonymous submissions under a creative commons license.

When will I report the results?

This year I am using D3 to create my visualizations. Likely after the first couple hundred results come in, I will enable the visualization.

View the Poll Results from 2014

Last year we had an amazing turnout, but was heavily skewed toward SAP. That wont be the case this year as I reach out to all of the communities.






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