Saying Goodbye on

Last week, we posted a goodbye post for, marking my final post on the popular community site I have tied to for 6 amazing years. Though I have been deeply involved in the SAP Dashboards community, we have seen it thin out over the last few years as the BI industry has shifted technology standards from Flash and SAP slowed its ongoing commitment to invest in the platform.

Am I going anywhere?

Not really… I still have hundreds of customers and thousands of developers who use tools that Centigon Solutions built for SAP DashboardsThere are a lot of SAP Dashboards out there and still many new and ongoing projects. Though some of my favorite BI experts have moved on and no longer support SAP’s Business Intelligence mission or tools, I still love this community.

For me, its all about Geo

I have honed all of my focus to innovating in the world of location intelligence which is picking up a ton of steam. There is some pretty clever technology cooked up in our labs and a vision for the future that emphases indoor location and tracking. That is where I am headed, but it always relates back to the same challenges of transforming lots of data to useful information.

The Adventure is Never-Ending

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