New Analytics on Fire Podcast is Here: What you can expect

In March, I closed one chapter with EverythingXcelsius to prepare for the next chapter in social media. I am thrilled to finally share with you Analytics on Fire! This podcast was a vision that Mico Yuk and I have been discussing for years.

Our vision: NO B.S look at the BI industry from the mouths of experts who are making analytics work, for some of the largest companies in the world.  No success comes without learning, so our goal is to extract the “lessons learned” from a diverse community of experts.

What is Analytics on Fire

Analytics on Fire is a no-nonsense, vendor agnostic, fly on the wall discussion where Mico Yuk and myself interview analytics thought leaders. These are the people responsible for directing and executing a Business Intelligence vision for some of the largest companies in the world. They are also recognized thought leaders by industry or within their own corporations.

Focus on BI Journey not Technology

Analytics on Fire focuses on the individual’s BI Journey and lessons learned, not the technology used to create Business Intelligence. The content and knowledge should be timeless, so for Analytics on Fire, we push technology to the side and focus on the people, processes, and knowledge required to succeed.

Why was Analytics on Fire Created

The most interesting and well-attended sessions at conferences are customer stories and lessons learned. Imagine getting access to those same customers in an intimate setting over beers. Mico and I often have these conversations and decided to bring them into the wide open and share with our community. Its that simple!

Who is Analytics on Fire for?

If you create or consume Business Intelligence, this podcast is for you. We want to make you a fly on the wall for discussions with some of the brightest and most well respected BI professionals and extract there experiences for you to benefit from.

Buzzword Bingo in our Analytics on Fire Hotseat

One of the oddities of enterprise IT is the emphasis on trends and buzzwords. During every interview, I supply buzzwords to our guests like “Big Data”. “Cloud”, “Data Scientist”. Then we sit back and listen to what those buzzwords actually mean in the real world, NOT software vendors.

Join us for the next adventure in our analytics Journey.

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