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Analytics First

If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it! Everything we do is built around our ability to effectively capture and use data the fuel for growth.

Design & User Experience

Functional and beautiful design is mandatory in today’s landscape. We bring a design thinking approach to all solutions we create.

Technical Expertise

Our team specializes in AWS, serverless architecture, and most modern web application development frameworks. Contact us for more details.

Concept to Launch

Our team can help you conceptualize brand new applications from market research, to minimum viable product, and product launch.

Ryan Goodman


Professional Bio

Ryan Goodman is Goodman Group LLC founder, chairman of CMaps Analytics, and analytics expert. Ryan applies over 15 years of experience designing enterprise software solutions as an executive, product leader, and strategic consultant.

Ryan entered the business intelligence market while designing applications for business analyst “war rooms” using multi-modal user experiences including touch, voice recognition, and data visualization in 2003. Following an acquisition of Xccelsius (data viz software) in 2005, Ryan’s strategic role at BusinessObjects helped grow Xcelsius’ worldwide adoption, community, and sales into a $80M/year business for BusinessObjects through its acquisition by SAP in 2007.

In 2008, Ryan founded Centigon Solutions as a top enterprise dashboard consultant, global speaker, and author. While consulting for enterprises like Newell Rubbermaid, Adobe, and United Healthcare, Ryan grew Centigon Solutions software business to 700+ customers globally. In 2015 Ryan pivoted Centigon Solution focus solely on geospatial analytics products. Their flagship location intelligence subscription, CMaps Analytics, grew to 200+ enterprise contracts globally including Ericson, Heineken, Alcon, Vodafone, and Dow Corning. CMaps Analytics continues to power many enterprise geo-analytics dashboards and reports today.

In 2017, Ryan founded Goodman Group LLC as a co-innovation lab to  incubate new ideas with clients and partners.

About Me

I love technology because there is a never ending cycle of improvement in all facets of the human-computer experience. My personal interests are vested in enterprise software, specifically in the area of analytics, data visualization, and location intelligence. I am a minimalist at heart and believe that the more simplistic and “friction free” software can be, the better. Turning data into knowledge is my passion. I consider myself fortunate to work on my passion every day while designing products, leading talented professionals, and growing my business ventures. My downtime is spent in my home town of San Diego, where I enjoy the benefits of living in southern California.

Current and Past Ventures

CMaps Analytics was spun off from Centigon Solutions and an important pivot from focusing solely on SAP Analytics to an agnostic cloud platform. We built a web mapping and Location Analytics toolkit used to build enterprise geospatial apps. Our focus to effectively use location, distance, and proximity to deliver meaningful analytics resulted in new geospatial products developed by partners like Antivia and Archius, and a new wave of integrations for SAP.

I originally founded Centigon Solutions in 2007, and in 2008, partnered with Evan DeLodder to shape our product development strategy. Together, we transformed Centigon Solutions into a profitable enterprise software company by harnessing our thought leadership in dashboards and data visualization to innovate new products for SAP BusinessObjects.