All of this talk about SCN and business decision makers had me thinking

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This week, we saw some noise stirred up by Mico about SCN (SAP Community Network) and a great blog post titled “How many communities do we really need?“. The reality is that there is a huge contingency of SAP BusinessObjects customers who had previously been turned off by SCN and never returned. The newly re-designed site offered some improvements, but like any large commnity with diverse members, topics, and interests, people are drawn to good, meaningful content.

My micro-community and readership for example has evolved from dashboard tips and tricks to a variety of topics related to BI and interactive data visualization. I have noticed that while the volume and quality of original content has been on the rise over the past few years, the ability to find and access this content has been a problem. I am actually working on a pet project that I will launch next year that will solve that problem…

Taking a step back and looking at the real problems that plague our community is the fact that many BI projects are still failing. While it is good to talk about new service packs, widgets, and features, there is little talk about WHY we should be using them to solve problems. The community leaders all need to step u

I will give you a great example of this in action: is a community sponsored by Dundas, but you would never know because it attracts top experts across all vendors and communities to lend expertise for how to plan and execute a dashboard. Though there is marketing on the page to pay the bills, the content is really good. When I visit the dashboard or report pages for SCN:

The comotion caused was over who contributes and eWhen I go into the community, I feel like regardless of my entry point I am transported deep into the weeds


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