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The idea of measuring  social media influence is increasingly important for individuals and companies. Klout.com is attempting to standardize their own measure for social media influence. One problem I have, is Klout fails is recognize content originators who blog. For example, I write on this blog, have hundreds of subscribers, and thousands of readers, which does not impact my Klout score.

There seems to be an influx of social media analysis tools hitting the market and at first glance they all seem to do the same thing… Connect to social media APIs, pull the data into a proprietary system, and spit out some kind of analysis using a mix of basic visualization and some proprietary algorithms. I don’t know a lot about this space, but this all seems to be fairly strait forward. SAP showed a sentiment analysis tool, Klout uses a proprietary scoring system, and some vendors use pretty graphics. When you put all of this stuff together, how do you see your customers leveraging these technologies?

What tools are you using to track your social media reach?


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