My first experience as a new Mac Owner

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Over the weekend I bit the bullet and purchased a Mac, and while everyone told me it would be the best decision I ever made, it has been a shock to the system as someone who runs a business and relies on software as the backbone for performing a verity of tasks. So while many of the BI software tools rely on Windows, it is the struggle with email that may have me packing this thing back up and taking it back.

As it turns out, it is our usage of Google Apps as our email provider that throws everything off.

Google Web Client

The Google web mail seems to work for many users, which is something i tried last year. In using the Google web client, I had never in my career had so many things fall between the cracks or wasted so much energy trying to fetch or reference previous email content. You can’t sort your mails by the sender, who the email was sent from or the date it was sent. Finding a recent email in Outlook takes me 1/10 of the time as using the Google web interface. Multiply that by the thousands of emails I deal with per week and you can imaging the productivity difference.

Using IMAP and Outlook on the Mac

This seems to be the only viable solution

Using the Mac email app

This is the first tool I tried as a replacement to outlook, and the first time I clicked on an email and waited 10 seconds while it synced to my Google server, I knew this was not going to work for me.

What I need…

I need my email and email client to be synced, so when I am ready to look or read email, it is ready for me instantly. I don’t want to wait for downloads


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