My Gripes with SAP Dashboards and Design Studio

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Last week, I was infuriated to hear that a customer who upgraded to BI4 specifically to use the new BEx connectivity with BI dashboards was suggested to re-design their dashboard in Design Studio. Why?  After abandoning the brand new BI4 BEx / UNX integration with SAP Dashboards and moving back to a BICS Connection, SAP BusinessObjects Dashboards was not scaling to multiple concurrent users due to some kind of bug causing redundant concurrent sessions for 1 dashboard.

I advised the customer to go back to SAP with the following questions:

1. What specific architecture innovations have been applied to Design Studio for connectivity, security, and performance that would ensure a re-design would solve the problems with SAP Dashboards connectivity to SAP?

2. For a complex application, what skillsets and learning curve would be involved for design studio?

3. Rather than recommending a new tool with new problems, why not escalate the resolution of a bug that seems to re-occur with SAP dashboards ever 12-18 months. I remember SAP Dashboards generating redundant sessions all the way back to XIR2 and Live Office. We seem to cross this bridge with every release of BusinessObjects.

These are the questions that I have and hope to hash out on our webinar in December. If you have more things you want to know and have us discuss, let me know.


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