Visualize vs Analyze- Why you need to know the difference

Every day, I talk to customers who explain requirements for location analytics, dashboards, and mobililty. The most typical requirement is for drilling through multiple levels of geography to uncover trends. If you think about it, the ability to visualize and spatially drill through geographies is a powerful proposition to narrow your focus and explore information quickly. However, it does pose some logistics questions and issues purely based on a disconnect between the notion of analyzing and visualizing data.

Data Analysis should have no limits in the volume, depth, and breadth of topics. As such the volume of data should never have to handicap your ability to analyze. When you build an application / dashboard, the designer is creating a funnel for analysis where you constrain the analysis to answer specific questions, typically requiring an answer on a frequent basis as conditions change.

Data Visualization however has physical and human limits for how much information can be assimilated at one time.


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