Where's the Roambi love in SAP BusinessObjects Ecosystem

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When it comes to enterprise mobility inside of the SAP BusinessObjects ecosystem, there are some common discussion points I have with customers:

1. SAP has done a great job baking into our brains that they are going to be industry leaders in enterprise mobility.

2. Customers generally want to use existing SAP investments and make new investments in mobility tools to make delivery of content simple

3. Business users want the Roambi experience as opposed to what SAP delivers with Mobi


Is SAP Dashboards for BI4 SP05 or SAP Design Studio the equalizer?

At the end of the day, Roambi is the benchmark for what a mobile business analytics experience should be and no vendor to date has put the same attention to detail and design as Roambi. As I have always said, a pie chart is a pie chart weather it spins or not. However, the advanced analytics in Roambi with the last few releases have been outstanding and nothing I have seen produces the same simplicity with power.


This is yet to be seen, as customers are required to use the latest versions of all SAP BusinessObjects software.


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