Reset Button for Xcelsius Calculator Applications

Here is a simple trick that will allow you to reset a dashboard back to its original state when featuring what-if capability. The only limitation in design, is that all of your insert in cells will need to remain contiguous.

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As you can see, the original values reside in column C. It normally, we would link our single value components to these original cells. In this example, we are going to link our single value components to our target range in column A. Finally we are going to use a selector to move the data from column C to column A. This way, every time you make a selection, it will affect column A, leaving your original data in column C un-effected. Hopefully this little trick will help you in building calculator based applications.

This was a great workaround for Xcelsius 4.5. With the release of Xcelsius 2008, we now have accessed to a Reset componet, located in the Other components category.


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