Calendar Date Formatting in Xcelsius

Written by: Ryan Goodman
Published: April 9th, 2007
Posted in Excel LogicXcelsius

If you are working with dates within a connected Xcelsius dashboard, you can run into potential issues related to formatting. In most cases, you will require a specific format when you want to pass a date as a parameter to a web service.

Using the calendar component, you can insert and visualize a user defined date. Though you can set the cell format to modify the display of that date, Excel actually stores it using the 1900 date system. This simply means that the date Jan 1, 1900 has a true numeric value of 1, and Jan 1, 2007 has the true numeric value of 39083. The problem at hand is if you bind a web service connector component to a cell that is formatted, it will still use the true numeric value and not the formatted value that you see during runtime. Here is how you can remedy this:

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1. Bind a calendar component to an insert in cell
2. Use the day, month, and year formulas to extract the individual values into their respective cells
3. Use the concatenate to sting together the day, month, and year in your desired format.

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