Xcelsius Formulas: Calculating Current Quarter

Many times, you want your dashboard to query data based on the current quarter, month, day or year. Within Xcelsius you can easily calculate these values. The trickiest part is calculating the quarter since that is not a natively supported function.

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  1. First you will declare the current date using the function: NOW().
  2. Next you will pull the month and year from this date using the MONTH() and YEAR() functions.
  3. Now is the trickiest part dictating the current quarter, which is not an available function. ROUNDUP(4*MONTH()/12,0)
  4. With the current quarter, you can now decide if you want to populate other quarters. In my case I want to populate a selector with the current quarter, last quarter, and the three previous quarters. In my example you can see how I took this idea a few steps further.

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