For those of you who are not aware, one of the huge benefits of the Xcelsius re-architecture is that customers can integrate custom components. Since all Xcelsius components and properties sheets are written in Flex, Business Objects/SAP have provided some basic documentation for Flex developers to write components. I have longed for this capability for a long time and intend to create some components to fill in missing Xcelsius functionality. It seems the first release of Xcelsius SDK has not exposed too much functionality but it is up to us to push the envelope.

Please add your component wish list here and I will see what I can do to making them happen as we learn the new SDK. Here are a few ideas to stimulate some ideas.

  • Tree control selector
  • Bullet chart
  • Spark Lines
  • Video component
  • Enhanced maps
  • Built-in caclulations
  • Scorecard component (table with built in icons)
  • Waterfall Chart
  • Timeline Chart

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