I received an inquiry asking about using the Insert Filtered rows with other selectors including Icons and Maps. While Xcelsius only provided Insert Filtered Rows for a few selectors, there is a way to leverage this functionality by combining another new feature for Xcelsius 2008- A bindable Selected Item field. As you know, all selectors default to the first label which was hardcoded in the SWF model. With Xcelsius 2008, you can bind the selector’s “Selected Item” field in the Behavior tab. In other words, you can use another component to dictate which selector label is triggered, without having to click on it.
In less than 10 minutes, I was able to convert the existing Insert Filtered Rows example using a map to dictate the selection. To accomplish this, I did the following:

  1. Replaced the List Box, with a Label Based Menu. I did this because the label based menu can be made invisible on the screen.
  2. Setup the Insert Filtered Rows Option for the Label Based Menu.
  3. Created a list of Labels for my map in the Excel Sheet. This is the only feature that we will lose when using other components to drive insert filtered rows.
  4. Bound my map to the labels and created an insert cell, where the map will insert the state that is selected. In my example, this is cell M5.
  5. In the Label Based Menu, I navigated to the Behavior tab, within the Properties Sheet.
  6. Finally, I bound my Selected Item to M5.

Because the map is inserting into M5, this control is actually driving the selector instead of an end user clicking on it. The nice thing, is the selector will match the label, or use a number index.

Here is the result:

Download Source Files

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