Xcelsius 2008 features a robust color scheme management. Those of you who used the style creator in Xcelsius 4.5, you may have written off the Color Scheme builder, but I have found it extremely useful. It is quite obvious that the Xcelsius dev team put a lot of time and effort into making the global aesthetics management much more powerful with Xcelsius 2008. The one thing they did not provide is some type of indication of what the base colors do. Here is a reference to how changing the colors in the Color Scheme window will affect your dashboard. As you explore the Advanced Settings, changing the base colors will trickle down, and then you can have granular control over individual components. At the end of the day, I have found this to be a valuable time saver when developing multiple dashboards for the same customer.
Xcelsius 2008 Color Scheme

  1. Text Color
  2. Default Button Colors, Chart Background Colors, Map Color
  3. Canvas Color, Chart Axis Color
  4. Background Component Color, Chart Gridlines Color, Mouse Over Color
  5. Chart Series 1 Color, Single Value Marker Color, Active Selector Color
  6. Chart Series 2 Color
  7. Chart Series 3 Color
  8. Chart Series 4 Color
  9. Chart Series 5 Color
  10. Disabled Items, Single Value Track Color

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