Xcelsius snapshot when using QaaWS

Xcelsius is well known for its Excel paradigm for binding web service data, meta data, and logic to components. As the volume of dependencies grows it can start to get pretty hairy, specifically when you are setting up web service connections with Query as a Web Service (QaaWS). Once you bind the nodes from the web service, there is no easy way to mockup the user experience against blank cells. While copying and pasting data from the QaaWS client is simple enough, it does not provide the entire data set.

A simple trick to capture data provided by QaaWS is to preview a dashboard inside of Xcelsius, take a snapshot back to Excel, then re-import the snapshot back into your dashboard. The result is a true snapshot of the actual data retrieved from your QaaWS query, so you can build your user interface with real data.

Here are more detailed steps to accomplish the task.

  1. In the data manager, setup your QaaWS query.
  2. Go to the Usage tab for your QaaWS query and select refresh on load.
  3. Preview the dashboard
  4. Go to File>Snapshot>Back to Excel
  5. Import re-import the snapshot you just saved back into Xcelsius

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